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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Results for Sep-08-2004

Today's tradelog:

Tradelog 20040908

Fewer trades were made today as I wasn't able to get into any trades in the morning. The trade setups were there; but either I was away from my computer, or ER2 was moving so fast that by the time I clicked by BUY order, it had moved away from my entry point. I didn't want to chase the trade, so I waited for the next entry point(s).

This morning the market looked a little choppy, so I took my time in taking the trades which were higher probability. Today, there was one instance where a trade turned out to be a fake-out, so sometimes fear, or its better counterpart "caution", worked in my favour.

Today's trades were mostly done in the afternoon New York time.

As for yesterday's trading, I ended the day feeling I had managed my trades better than usual, and so I ended up with smaller losses than I would normally have. That is the one factor that made my trading results yesterday better than I had expected.


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