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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Today's Results

Since there's something wrong with my order entry software's statistics manager, I'll just write down today's tradelog manually:

BOT 2 ER2 @ 567.20 7:34:28AM
SLD 1 ER2 @ 566.60 7:35:21AM +6 ticks
SLD 1 ER2 @ 566.10 7:37:38AM +11 ticks
+17 ticks total, Gross $170.00, NET $160.40

BOT 2 ER2 @ 566.10 7:37:38AM
SLD 1 ER2 @ 566.20 7:37:47AM +1 tick
SLD 1 ER2 @ 566.30 7:37:55AM +2 ticks
+3 ticks total, Gross $30.00, NET $20.40

SLD 2 ER2 @ 566.40 8:05:24AM
BOT 1 ER2 @ 566.50 +2 ticks
BOT 1 ER2 @ 566.30 +1 tick
+3 ticks total, Gross $30.00, NET $20.40

Only 3 trades today. 23 ticks total, $201.20 NET. The second trade was a SAR (Stop-And-Reverse) trade off the first one, on a retracement, and I quickly got out of it just in case the market continued on its trend.

The rest of the day I didn't take any more trades, due to problems with my order entry software. Had to re-start my computer several times, and decided that was it for the day, in case these computer glitches broke my flow for today.

There were obviously more trades to be had when I was not looking at the market, but I'm not going to miss money on a trade I didn't take. I can't afford to indulge in what-ifs like that; it just won't help me. Even with the computer problems, I didn't do too badly today.

Anyway, got to run for now... Maybe I'll post charts later.


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